721 Hickory Street | Akron, OH 44303


I came in beginning of September. This place was my last choice because I heard they were strict on rules. To my surprise, its been my best stay of all. There aren’t many meals I don’t eat, I can’t believe how professional the staff has been with me. I must admit I’ve been to a lot of nursing homes in this area, 5 including this one. Over all Hickory Ridge is number one in my book. I’ve had my ups and downs, and problems, but none of the staff has ever disrespected me. I don’t have family here, but staff makes me feel like family, like Mrs. Jenny, Mrs. Mary, Keith, April, Bilal, Kelly, Felicia, Dereck, and many others. I appreciate them all.


I liked the care from nursing staff. The care from rehab was great. The care from nutrition service was ok, they gave a choice of other foods to choose from. The activities was great on things to do with days. It helped people that wanted it’s help.


They have always done good by us. They take good care of Vickie and then some. The staff and everyone has treated us very well as a family. Keep up the good work!


We came here after a medical emergency and hospitalization due to previous nursing facility… we are grateful for your diligence in the area of monitoring the blood thinners carefully. We also appreciate the private room and the guest trays at lunch. Bless your efforts and attitudes of mind and heart.


I enjoy coming to Hickory Ridge and seeing Mary.  She brightens my day when I see her.


Professional staff - well informed and caring. I'm happy with my placement.


I like this place. You were sent my son who was not stable, functional, and did not care about life at all, but because of your staff and care in general, Henry is laughing again. He has bad moments not bad days anymore. Because of [Hickory Ridge] I am able to take nice pictures of him and him and me - and these may be the only ones. So thank you.


I have been here twice. When I came the first time I was scared. I was not walking with within two months I was on my feet and moving...I did great for about seven years then I had the same problem and ended up needing rehab again. There was no real thought about it - Hickory Ridge, here I come.


They are doing an excellent job with me and the other residents here at Hickory Ridge. [It's] not like other places I have been to. Food here is great. I've gained weight that I needed to gain. I'm healthier. I respect God more here at Hickory Ridge.


When I returned to Hickory Ridge after a surgical hospitalization, the staff was/is like my family. Everyone kept asking if I was alright or needed anything. I enjoy going to all the activities and that the staff involves me in coffee and news daily and other activities as needed. Sam (dietary) does a good job selecting the menu and running the kitchen. Tammy schedules good outside entertainment and events. Therapy works hard to get me back to my previous level of activity. My 700 hall nurses are the best nurses in the field. 


I am really thankful and appreciate the professionalism and the overall care of my mother at Hickory Ridge. We thank you all for all of the excellent work.


...I would like to say that physical and occupational therapy truly helped me regain my strength in my arms and legs - I feel like new.
The food excellent and so was the staff.


I like the staff. I like family and J Bird (Jamell). I like Valerie Dubose. I like Jena. I like Kaley. I like Maria. I like Melanie. I like them because they do sweet things for me. I like the soup from the kitchen and eggs and cheese. They make it special for me when I ask.


I'm impressed with the way the nurses and the staff treat me. I would like for the kitchen to give me more cereal. The food is great.


My experience at Hickory has and is the best. Everyone treats me very good. Thank you and the administrative staff for all of your help.


The food here is good I like the staff I like how they all stay together and stick up for each other. They do sweet things for me. I like it here.


My therapy lady did a great job and was a great help. She is a great worker. All the workers are fine.


My experience at Hickory Ridge has been very satisfactory. Whenever I call, Mary is always helpful...nurses they are very thorough with what they tell me. The care meetings give me all information I might need to know. With the new renovation that has been done, the whole facility is spotless. Just hope to assure my word this is the place to be.


When I first came, I was a little scared. Everyone greeted me with care and were nice and understanding. I liked that everyone here is very nice to me and helps me and never is unfriendly. I used to be alone a lot, but here there is activities and church and things to do everyday. I like my room and TV. The meals are good and in the evening they give you a snack. I like that because I am a diabetic. I have made friends also. I didn't go out when I was at home because it was too hard. I like everyone here, I feel like I belong.


I like [the] residents and staff...everything was great.


When I first came I was a little nervous. But Emily was the nurse that welcomed me. She made me feel very safe. I didn't socialize much, but [since] I came to Hickory Ridge I have made so many wonderful friends [whether] younger, old as me, older than me. I love them all. The activities are so great here. Even though we have to stay on our floor at this time because of the virus, the activities people still have us doing things like bingo and crafts, snacks, and different things. Hickory Ridge's staff are wonderful people. All the staff is wonderful. They handle and take care of all of our needs. There's a lot of communication here. I really think this is a great place to have your loved ones.


The people treat you really good. The housekeeping staff keeps the rooms clean. My aide, Sara, helps me every morning, she really cares about the residents. She is really the best. Everyone is very helpful and very good workers.


It has been really good and I can't think of any negatives. Ida in activities is always very helpful and talks to all the residents. The staff all have great personalities and care about the residents. They go above and beyond.


Hickory Ridge went above and beyond to get me the help I needed. I spent three weeks on the phone with Jill in admissions and she went out of her way to make sure I got in. I am doing so much better now and Hickory Ridge has everything to do with it.
P.S. Thank you, Jill!


Kiada helped me paint my model. Balal is cool. Chris cut my hair for me. I've been here a year [and] going on two months. Like that I can get all kinds of potato chips and pop. Love doing activities and spending leisure time doing my own models. I like going for walks with Joy and getting on the computer.


Everyone has treated me well and I have no complaints. Linda always laughs at my corny jokes, which is great! The nursing staff has always treated me with respect and overall I have enjoyed myself.


I really missed the staff and my friends at Hickory Ridge. Everyone greeted me when I returned and it has been marvelous to be back. The nurses and STNA… I just can't say enough great things about them. I really missed it at Hickory Ridge as they are my family. I am very happy with my care and would recommend it to all!

John M.