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Christmas Stories from Hickory Ridge Residents

December 21, 2023
At Hickory Ridge, holiday traditions are more than rituals—they're heartwarming threads that weave a tapestry of joy. From decorating Christmas cookies to witnessing the magic of Christmas lights, residents and staff share moments that create a sense of togetherness. The hot cocoa bar offers cozy camaraderie, while Santa's early gift-giving adds excitement. Despite challenges like COVID, carolers serenaded residents, ensuring the spirit of tradition endured. "Decking the Halls" transforms spaces, turning Hickory Ridge into a festive haven.

While the holiday season may look different for our residents who now call Hickory Ridge home, we love to hear about their holiday traditions growing up and how special it made them feel. We sat down with one of our residents, Beth Clapp, who shared. "On Christmas morning, my four younger sisters and I would open presents as soon as everyone woke up. Mom wouldn’t make anything special for breakfast, but she would make a big dinner. She never liked us kids in the kitchen. Usually, it would be ham, mashed potatoes, and other sides. Mom would also bake an apple or pumpkin pie. We kids would go outside and play in the snow and wait for dinner to be finished. Dad would usually be on the couch all day watching football and napping. My favorite present growing up was yarn because Mom knew I loved to crochet. Sometimes we would make ornaments and other things at school and wrap them up to give to our family as gifts.”

Another resident, Vickie Gilger, shared a heartfelt holiday tradition with his family. “Us kids would sit on our steps and wait for Mom and Dad to wake up. We got to open huge stockings that Dad got us from his job. Mom would cook a turkey and all the fixings for Christmas dinner. We liked to keep Christmas quaint and simple. As we kids got older and lived in our own homes, we brought covered dishes to Mom’s so she didn’t have to cook so much.”

Last, but not least, our beloved resident, Ronald Leathers, spoke about his Christmas growing up. “Mom always got me a sophisticated toy for Christmas. It was usually a toy car or fire truck. Something that would have a working ladder, sirens, and a tow hook-up. Mom cooked and we took the food over to Grandma's house. Me, my two brothers, Ken and Bob, and my cousins would go outside and play in the snow. We usually played football. Mom would make us hot cocoa so we could warm up.”

We hold these memories dear to our hearts as we reflect on the nostalgia. At Hickory Ridge, especially being a long-term care facility, we strive to keep these traditions alive and even introduce new traditions that will bring the comfort and joy of the holiday season. These traditions, beyond mere decoration, cultivate a home and family atmosphere, embracing the magic of the season at our skilled nursing facility.

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