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Therapy Success Story - Phyllis

December 19, 2023
In the heart of Hickory Ridge, one of our rehab residents, Phyllis, tackled a transformative journey with our incredible Therapy Team. Each day became a tailored opportunity to strengthen and regain independence with the end goal of going back home healthier and stronger.

Phyllis shared her appreciation for us by stating, “The Therapy Department at Hickory Ridge is terrific. Each day they would ask me what I wanted to focus on. Some days I would say my balance, so they would have me stand up and march in place, or spread my feet apart and just sway back and forth. When I said I wanted to work on strengthening my knees, I would stand in front of my wheelchair and do squats. I am now walking long distances without my walker, accompanied by a Physical Therapist. At my home, I have steps to walk up that lead to the upstairs. I am currently working on steps in therapy so I can master it before my discharge.”

Beyond the therapeutic strides, Phyllis's overall stay at Hickory Ridge was marked by pleasant moments. The staff's warmth created a welcoming atmosphere. Even mealtimes were tailored, with alternate options available if preferences differed. The morning coffee cart brought simple joys, a cup of hot black coffee setting the perfect tone for the day.

Phyllis had a great experience with us and said, "Bring your loved ones here!" Her journey through therapy echoes a tale of resilience, progress, and the supportive Therapy Team at Hickory Ridge! We're so proud of you, Phyllis! 

As one of the top rehabilitation facilities in Akron, Ohio, Hickory Ridge dedicates itself to developing a plan for healing at your own individualized pace in the ideal atmosphere. If you're looking for top-notch therapy, reach out to our facility at 330.762.6486 or through the button below.

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