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Hickory Ridge's Spooktacular Trick-or-Treat

November 7, 2023
At Hickory Ridge, the spirit of Halloween came alive with our spine-tingling Trick-or-Treat, and it was an absolute thrill for residents, families, and the community. We kicked off the evening with a "Monster Mash" party that ran from 5:00 to 5:45, filled with delicious snacks and entertaining games.

Our monster-themed bash had it all, from "zombie hands" brimming with popcorn and candy corn fingernails to scrumptious cupcakes, juice, lemonade, and a contest for the kids: who could eat a dangling donut without using their hands. And that's not all – there was a gargantuan cheese platter, complete with crackers, an eyeball race, and the infamous "trick or treat booger chest." Kids were able to dig through "boogers" to find tricks or treats, which ranged from play mice, skulls, bracelets, eyeballs, squishy toys, necklaces, and so much more! We had an eyeball relay race and ring toss with glow necklaces too. Every child left with at least one full bucket of candy and so many snacks.

As the evening continued, around 60 eager residents donned their spookiest costumes to hand out candy to the little goblins, princesses, superheroes, and creatures from the community. In a heartwarming twist, some residents even tried to sweeten the deal by offering full baskets of candy to parents in exchange for a chance to cradle the tiny tots who graced the event.

The presence of children from the community added an extra layer of joy to Hickory Ridge, as the building echoed with the sound of laughter and smiles from residents and young trick-or-treaters alike. Our annual Trick-or-Treat is more than just a celebration – it's a reminder that moments of shared happiness truly make a difference in our community.

Head to our Facebook page to see all the smiling faces and costumes from our event!

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