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No Tricks, Just Treats!

November 9, 2022
This year at Hickory Ridge, we were finally able to host a Halloween party and invite our friends, families and neighbors. We are always so joyous to bring our community together for a fun evening of boos, laughs and, most importantly, candy!

We started the party in the dining room where we provided mummy and eyeball cake pops, pumpkin-decorated sugar cookies, chips, chewy fruit bars, cupcakes, lemonade and water. We had plenty of games to keep everyone entertained. We hosted a coloring competition where the residents painted pumpkins and the children voted on their favorite one. We also had a jar filled to the top with chocolate and let the kids guess how much was in the jar. Whoever guessed correctly won the whole jar!

We couldn't forget about the classic game of Pin the Eye on the Monster, and of course, we had to do a freeze dance to the Monster Mash! Once trick-or-treating started, our residents dressed up in their costumes and passed out candy to each kid that walked by. Our residents loved interacting with each kid and seeing their costumes. Some of our guests' favorite part was walking through the spooky haunted house. We topped off the night with Tracy Keys for our live entertainment!

The celebration didn't stop there. Next, our residents had their own Halloween party at the facility with plenty of snacks, games and smiles. We played witch-themed bean bag toss, did a spooky sing-along, did some crafts and they guessed the amount of candy that was in the jar. We all have digested enough sweets to last a lifetime!

It was a pleasure to host and reconnect with everyone. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard in making this event a success. Another big thank you goes to our friends and families for making it a special Halloween for our residents. We're already looking forward to next year!

Head to our Facebook page and see more photos from the Halloween fun!

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