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November Resident of the Month

November 21, 2023
Introducing Damon Valentine, Hickory Ridge's Resident of the Month for November! Damon has been a part of our community for the past seven months, leaving a lasting impact on both fellow residents and our dedicated staff. Known for his sociable nature, you'll often find Damon in the common areas, engaging in lively conversations and spreading cheer to everyone around him.

Damon's enthusiasm for community life is evident in his active participation in various activities. He not only attends all the events but also encourages his fellow residents to join in the fun. With a keen sense of humor, Damon brings laughter to our nursing home, sharing jokes and ensuring smiles abound. His favorite memory so far involves passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, showcasing his warm and welcoming spirit.

Damon's appreciation for Hickory Ridge extends to the snacks and coffee offered during activities, making it his favorite aspect. As a devoted Bingo enthusiast, Damon brings an infectious energy to every game. If you come across Damon during his daily activities, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself. Damon, you're truly a superstar, and we appreciate the positive energy you bring to our Hickory Ridge family!

We want our skilled nursing facility to feel like home for our residents. Providing activities, events, outings, and more gives them not only a sense of purpose but a better quality of life. We love being able to offer this and better yet, they make some friends along the way. Learn more about resident life through the testimonials of our residents and their families.


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